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The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a federally chartered non profit youth development program for young adults between 13 and 18.

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Cleveland Division

Cleveland Division has been in continuous operation since 1968. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization sponsered through the Navy League of the United States. The USNSCC offers training for cadets along side our nations armes services. Our mission is to teach fundamental skills to young adults, including but not limited to:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Discipline
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
  • Team Work
Frequently Asked Questions

12 Questions

Our most frequently asked questions

Will I be required to join the U.S. Armed Forces?

No. Sea Cadets have absolutely no commitment regarding future military service. While Sea Cadet units are organized along military lines, their main purpose is to foster good citizenship and an interest and appreciation of our nation's maritime services. We encourage our cadets to explore all possible avenues after graduation. Many of our cadets win scholarships from our local and national sponsors to help pay for college. For those Sea Cadets who do decide to enlist in the Navy or Coast Guard, prior Sea Cadet training may permit entry at an advanced pay grade.

How Large is the National Sea Cadet Organization?

There are some 300 units in operation in almost every state of the union as well as Puerto Rico and Guam, with almost 10,000 young Americans participating. The Naval Sea Cadet Corp affords equal opportunity for participation to all American youth without regard to race, color, religion or sex.

How old must I be to join?

You are eligible to join if you are 13 years of age or have not competed your senior year of high school. Younger people (11 and 12 years old) may be eligible to join the League Cadets.

What are the Requirements of membership?

All prospective cadets must be unmarried, enrolled in school, be a citizen, have parental consent and possess good moral character in addition to being interested in the program and be prepared to attend the drills regularly.

Are there Medical Requiements?

Medical examination similar to a high school sports physical is required for all cadet applicants to the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) or Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC). No one will be denied admission to the NSCC/NLCC due to a medical disability. Where a medical condition precludes full, unlimited participation, a Request for Accommodation (NSCADM 015) may be presented by the parent or guardian for review so the cadet may participate in NSCC activities to the maximum extent possible.

What does Sea Cadets cost?

The enrollment fee is $300.00 ($210 initial enrollment, and $90 first year). Annual renewal is $90.00 for the following years. This includes premiums paid toward the Sea Cadet Group Accident and Health Protection Plan. Cleveland Division will issue all essential uniform items at no additional cost to the cadets.

What basic training is involved?

Newly enrolled Cleveland Sea Cadets are required to attend a 9 day scaled-down recruit training at Naval Station Great Lakes, IL. Having successfully completed recruit training, cadets participate in additional training in advanced subjects during succeeding summers and winters. These two week training periods offer a varied program of activities in addition to valued instruction of a maritime nature.If the cadet chooses to attend trainings at a location other than driving distance, the cadet is responsible for travel costs and arrangements. If there are scheduling conflicts with Recruit or Advanced Training, the chain of command will reccomend how to proceed.

Will Sea Cadet training detract from my school or work?

Not likely. Cleveland Division only drills two days a month, the Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend of each month at the Marine Safety Unit on East 9th.. On occasion events will arise during the month. Sea Cadet drills are designed to supplement your schoolwork, and advanced trainings away from home are conducted almost exclusively during periods of school vacations. Sea Cadets are permitted to choose a training period during the summer months that will not interfere with summer employment arrangements.

Who instructs the Sea Cadets?

Sea Cadets are instructed by naval personnel (active, reserve, and, retired), by Senior Cadets and by other adult leaders willing to devote their time and knowledge to this activity. We are always looking for qualified and knowledgeable adults to assist our unit.

What is advanced training?

Sea Cadets travel to training sites all over the country during the summer training period. In addition to advanced training aboard naval vessels, Sea Cadets may attend advanced orientation courses, designed to prepare cadets for leadership, either within the Sea Cadet organization or in other fields. Additionally, Foregin Exchange programs are avaliable. Outstanding cadets are selected to participate in the International Exchange Program in Canada, Bermuda, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, and many other countries. The cadet is generally responsible for the travel and for the cost of Advanced Trainings.

How Do Promotions work?

Promotion within the Sea Cadets is based upon merit. Promising young men and women, upon fulfilling certain successive qualifications and requirements are given increasingly responsible positions and duties and are encouraged to develop qualities of leadership.

What do Sea Cadets learn?

Sea cadets offers a variety of different trainings designed to encompass all interests. Some courses include:

  • STEM at the Naval Academy
  • Airman School
  • Music School
  • SeaBee (Construction)
  • Underwater Demolition/Seal Team
  • Submarine Orientation
  • and other courses


Ahead of the Game.

Our cadets are constantly exposed to different possibilites.

Many of our cadets choose to go on to college. They qualify for a variety of scholarships through Sea Cadets.
Our cadets are well prepared when entering the Armed Forces. They have the discipline and leadership skills to succeed in any branch as Enlisted or Officer Personnel. For those cadets who decide to enlist, Sea Cadet training may permit entry at an advanced paygrade
Cadets who choose to enter the workforce directly after graduation are set up for success. They have had the opportunity to explore different trades through local and national Advanced Trainings.


We are not a program for troubled or problem children. Our cadets are highly motivated when they join, we give them the tools necessary to be successful.

Non Motivated

If you're a parent and you want your child to join, please ensure they have an interest in joining. Cadets who have no interest in the program do not succeed with us.

Weight Loss Camp

While we respect and encourage the goals of weight loss and personal fitness, our cadets are held to rigorous standards. Do not let this discourage you however, we are willing to work if you are!

Color Guard

The Cleveland Division Color Guard Unit is available for military oriented events, opening ceremonies, parades, etc.

Necessary Forms

Forms that will be necessary should you choose to join us.

Cadet Application

PDFnecessary cadet application forms

fill out the attached forms and bring them to your first meeting.

Adult Application

PDFnecessary adult application forms

fill out the attached forms and bring them to your first meeting.

Former Cadets

Words from some former Sea Cadets
No commitment necessary

Come and shadow for a weekend to see if this is a program for you.

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